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October 20, 2009 at 1:46 am (Uncategorized)

“Finished is better than perfect, and a completed quilt is better than one that never got started.”
–Bonnie Hunter
Check out her website:

Fall Membership Meeting—We have an upcoming Quarterly Membership Meeting on November 7, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. There will be another tasty potluck, so please bring your favorite dish. Program topics will include an Introduction to Bonnie Hunter, quilting for charity, and a brainstorming session on upcoming Guild events. The Membership Meeting is just one thing to look forward to during November’s Time to Sew Weekend. Hope to see you there!

Scholarship Auction Item—Just a gentle reminder that the Scholarship Tea & Auction is about a month away. Please donate an item to help the Guild’s continuance of our two scholarships to high school seniors. Your beautiful quilting is what makes this event such a success!

New Website—Did you notice the new link at the beginning of the newsletter? Thanks to Angela Arnold, we have an updated and very fashionable new website. Be sure to check it out!
New Committees—At the Annual Meeting we had sign up sheets galore for all of the activities the Guild sponsors. Please check for your name to make sure you are listed….and if you don’t see your name, be sure to contact me so we can get you involved in important and rewarding volunteer positions!
• Time to Sew—Kay Adams, Anne Cervenka, Sara Hottinger, Diane Weise
• Scholarship Tea & Auction—Sheryl Glasen, Terry Bonnell, Diane Ujioka, Julie Farnes, Jacque Rose, Sara Hottinger
• 2010 Spring Retreat—Wendy Armstrong, Diane Weise
• 2010 Scholarship—Angela Arnold, Kay Adams, Linda Lohse, Diane Ujioka, Diane Wiese
• Raffle Quilt—Lila Koplin, Sara Hottinger
• 2011 Fall Retreat—Terri Stavig, Chair; Valerie Covel, Diane Ujioka, Lila Koplin, Wendy Armstrong, Sara Hottinger, Angela Arnold


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