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Spring 2009 | Northwind Quilters Guild  

Sew, what’s new ? 

Happy Spring! 




Upcoming Events 



Time to Sew Weekend         3/27-3/28 

Quilters Anonymous                       3/29 



Spring Retreat                        4/17-4/19 






2008 NWQG Elected Officers 

Linee Bradford, President  

Linda Lohse, Vice President  

Sam Greenwood, Treasurer  

Diane Ujioka, Member at Large 

Barb Hanson, Secretary  


Volunteer Positions 

Angela Arnold, Webmaster 

Sara Tidwell, Email/Newsletter 

Diane Ujioka, Historian/Photographer 


Many of us in the guild are happily celebrating the school district’s spring 

break. For those unaffected by the school calendar, surely they have been 

blissfully enjoying the often sunny days lasting into the evening.  

There are a few events coming up this spring to look forward to. The 

Spring Retreat is right around the corner.  Time to start gearing up for 

classes and socializing! 

The Retreat Committee is still working hard to get all of the details ironed 

out. The dates for this big event will be April 17,18, and 19th, 2009. Pam 

Ventgen, a teacher for the Quilt Tree in Anchorage and a UAA Professor 

will be here to share her love of quilting with us. Pam has been teaching 

quilting for 14 years and teaches beginning classes, advanced technique 

classes, appliqué, foundation paper piecing and machine quilting. It is her 

enjoyment of fabric, color and quiltmaking that she likes to share with 

others and finds that helping others quilt is as enjoyable as making her 

own quilts. Pam is a member of several local guilds and has helped 

organize various quilting retreats. 


Quilter’s Anonymous 

Anyone and everyone who has ever been plagued by guilt associated with quilting is invited to these 

monthly meetings celebrating our favorite pastime. Be sure to bring that guilt-ridden project that never 

seems to get done to work on and a door prize under $10 to contribute.  The next guilt- free QA meeting 

will be held Sunday, March 29 from 2-5 p.m. in the Home Ec room at the high school.  

 Volume II, Issue II 







“Finished is better than perfect, and a completed quilt is better than 

one that never got started.” 

–Bonnie Hunter 

Check out her website: 




Volunteer Opportunity—Looking for a meaningful one-time 

project that helps many? The Mt Eccles Elementary’s piano needs to 

be better protected, so the PTA is looking for someone with sewing 

abilities.Would you be willing to lend your skills? Creative freedom is 

all yours to repair or replace the existing piano cover. Materials will 

be paid for by PTA. The piano resides in the cafeteria by the stage if 

you want to stop by and take a look at the condition it is currently 

in.  Contact Linee at 5803 



Scholarship CommitteeAnyone interested in helping with 

the 2009 Scholarships? The school year will be over before we know 

it, so it’s a great time to start promoting the applications on our 

website and the deadline around May 1st. Any unbiased member may 

assist, but it must add up to an odd number of participants reading 

applications and voting on recipients. If you would like to help please 

contact one of the following committee members: Genan Sorenson, 

Diane Ujioka, Kay Adams, Linda Lohse, or Angela Arnold. 


New Blog–Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new blog 

for all of us Cordovans. It is dedicated to the awesome Fiber Arts 

community we have here. So many of us love knitting and quilting, 

weaving and appliqué, and on and on. This is a forum for anyone to 

contribute their ideas, photographs, techniques or advice for projects 

from A to Z. Check out the site at:  




Thank you to everyone interested in 

volunteering their time and energies 

to various NWQG projects. If you have 

any information or activities you 

would like to share with the 

organization please email Sara 

Hottinger. I’ll be sure to let everyone 

know about your special event! 





Renee is looking for any 

suggestions on nationally 

known quilting instructors to 

host for our Spring or Fall 

Weekend Retreats. Please let 

her know if there is anyone you 

have in mind.


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