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May 2009 | Northwind Quilters Guild for more information 


Sew, what’s new ? 

Annual Meeting Update 




Upcoming Events 



Quilters Anonymous                       5/17 


Attention…Upcoming Fun! 

There will be quarterly NWQG Membership 

Meetings. The dates are still under careful 

consideration, but once they are 

announced get ready for a good time! 

Every four months we will have a meeting 

so that all members can feel involved and 

informed on Guild business. 


2009 NWQG Elected Officers 

Diane Ujioka, President  

Sara Hottinger, Vice President  

Angela Arnold, Treasurer  

Diane Wiese, Member at Large 

Cece Weise, Secretary  


Volunteer Positions 

Angela Arnold, Webmaster 

Sara Tidwell, Email/Newsletter 

Diane Ujioka, Historian/Photographer 


Our Annual Spring Meeting was April 23, in the CHS Home Ec. Room. After 

our delicious potluck dinner we got down to business. Linee Bradford, 

NWQG 2008 President led us through many interesting topics, including 

the 2008 Scholarships, the Raffle Quilt and 2009 Nominations. We are 

very appreciative of Linee and all of her hard work for the Guild. And of 

course, a congratulations goes out to all of those brave souls who offered 

up their names for nomination to the Executive Board. Thank you 


We were very lucky to have Terry Stavig introduce the exciting news of 

nationally recognized quilting teacher, Bonnie Hunter’s visit to Cordova. 

The Guild Membership voted to support Bonnie’s 2011 workshop, lecture, 

and trunk show here in town. For anyone interested in learning more 

about Bonnie Hunter, please visit her website, and be 

sure to check out her blog, which has a link from her site. Bonnie is best 

known for her use of scraps to create beautiful and interesting quilts. Not 

only does she use every bit and piece for economic reasons, but even 

recycles unwanted shirts for a “green approach” to quilting. 

Quilter’s Anonymous 

Anyone and everyone who has ever been plagued by guilt associated with quilting is invited to these 

monthly meetings celebrating our favorite pastime. Be sure to bring that guilt-ridden project that never 

seems to get done to work on and a door prize under $10 to contribute.  The next guilt- free QA meeting 

will be held Sunday, May 17 from 2-5 p.m. in the Home Ec room at the high school.  

 Volume II, Issue III 




“Finished is better than perfect, and a completed quilt is better than 

one that never got started.” 

–Bonnie Hunter 

Check out her website: 



Spring Retreat This year’s Spring Retreat was wonderful. Many 

thanks to Renee Rankin and Diane Ujioka for coordinating such a great 

event. Julie Farnes reports that, “Pam Ventgen is a very fun person and 

great teacher. During class, she would quietly pick up pieces and return 

them to your table pressed and ready for the next step. We called her the 

Pressing Fairy. In her teaching travels, she did say we were the most fun 

guild bunch she had ever been around and she is planning a trip back to 

Cordova just to play. It’s always nice to know someone else thinks we are 

as fun as we know we are. “ 


New WebsiteDid you notice the new link at the beginning of 

the newsletter? Thanks to Angela Arnold, we have an updated and 

very fashionable new website. Be sure to check it out! 

New Committees.At the Annual Meeting we had sign up 

sheets galore for all of the activities the Guild sponsors. Please check 

for your name to make sure you are listed….and if you don’t see your 

name, be sure to contact me so we can get you involved in important 

and rewarding volunteer positions! 

 2009 Quilt ShowTerri Stavig, Chair; Linee Bradford, 

Sara Hottinger, Lila Koplin, Wendy Armstrong, Angela 

Arnold, Julie Farnes, Terry Bonnell 

 2009 Fall Retreat—Dawn Jewell 

 Time to Sew—Kay Adams, Anne Cervenka, Sara 

Hottinger, Diane Weise 

 Scholarship Tea & Auction—Sheryl Glasen, Leslie 

Lewis, Wendy Armstrong 

 2010 Spring Retreat—Wendy Armstrong, Diane Weise 

 2010 Scholarship—Angela Arnold, Kay Adams, Linda 

Lohse, Diane Ujioka, Diane Wiese 

 Raffle Quilt—Lila Koplin, Sara Hottinger 

 2011 Fall Retreat—Terri Stavig, Chair; Valerie Covel, 

Diane Ujioka, Lila Koplin, Wendy Armstrong, Sara 

Hottinger, Angela Arnold 





Thank you to everyone interested in 

volunteering their time and energies 

to various NWQG projects. If you have 

any information or activities you 

would like to share with the 

organization please email Sara 

Hottinger. I’ll be sure to let everyone 

know about your special event! 



There’s a New Blog in 


Just wanted to let everyone know 

there is a new blog for all of us 

Cordovans. It is dedicated to the 

awesome Fiber Arts community we 

have here. So many of us love knitting 

and quilting, weaving and appliqué, 

and on and on. This is a forum for 

anyone to contribute their ideas, 

photographs, techniques or advice for 

projects from A to Z. Check out the 

site at: 



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