NORTHWIND QUILTER’S GUILD MINUTES                            April 9, 2009

Executive Committee


President Linee Bradford called the meeting to order at the Killer Whale Café at 1:00 pm.

Diane Ujioka, Angela Arnold, Renee Rankin and Barb Hanson were present.  Absent – Sam Greenwood and Linda Lohse.


Treasurer’s Report:  Linee gave report that as of the last bank statement it showed $9531.70.  Outstanding bills:  post office box rent due and Chamber of Commerce dues.  Discussion whether or not to renew chamber membership.  Chamber was supposed to provide a link on their website to the guild website but that has never happened.  Linee has written twice and has stopped in at chamber several times to ask about it and had been told it would happen but no luck yet.  Diane moved to pay chamber dues for another year and keep trying to get web link.  Barb seconded.  Motion passed unanimously. 


Scholarship Committee:  Linee gave Angela scholarship applications that have come in so far.  Deadline is May 1, 2009.  Angela will get with committee after deadline to select winners.   


2009 Quilt Show:  Information only.  Ideas are brewing for a public quilt show of members’ quilts slated for the second week in September. 


Information only: E-mail vote previously by executive committee to allow Diane to order 3 quilt stands for the guild.


General Membership Meeting:  Discussion of moving the general membership meeting to April 23 – 6 pm with a potluck instead of having it during the Spring Retreat.  Pros and cons were discussed.  Motion was made by Barb to move the general membership meeting to April 23 which will be within the by-laws.  Seconded by Diane.  Motion carried unanimously.


Budget for door prizes for general membership meeting.  Discussion.  Motion made by Diane that the budget be set at not to exceed $400.00.  With each member attending receiving a coupon for a fat quarter of their choice from either fabric store for attending, must be redeemed before June 1, 2009 and one large item for a grand prize drawing.  Seconded by Linee.  Carried unanimously.


Spring Retreat Status Report:  Instructor from Anchorage has been obtained.  Information and signup sheets are at Forget-Me-Not Fabrics and Alaska Fabric Camp.  Date is April 17-19, 2009.  Can sign up for class ($45.00) or loose ends ($25.00) which includes a catered dinner on Saturday evening.  Proposed budget:  Instructor and expenses $920.00, door prizes $420.00, dinners $525.00, miscellaneous items (advertisement, coffee, tea etc.) $120.00.  Discussion of costs.  Motion made by Barb that the budget not exceed $2000.00.  Seconded by Linee.  Motion carried unanimously.   


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