Officers and Committees

Quilt Guild Officers and Committees

 Guild Officers:

• President-Dawn Jewell

• Vice-President-Diane Wiese

• Secretary-Terry Bonnell

• Treasurer-Lila Koplin

• Member-at-large-Cece Wiese

Spring Retreat committee

• Diane Wiese

• Dawn Jewell

Tea and Auction committee

Scholarship committee

• Kay Adams

• Terry Bonnell

• Angela Arnold

• Diane Ujioka

• Joan Phillips

Raffle Committee

• Lila Koplin

• Cece Wiese

• Diane Rubio

 Time to Sew Committee


2011 Quilt Show Committee


• • •

2011 Fall Retreat Committee

Bonnie Hunter 2011 Committee

Visit her website at

• Terri Stavig

• Valerie Covel

• Diane Ujioka

• Sara Hottinger

• Lila Koplin

• Wendy Armstrong

• Angela Arnold


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